One of the Most Incredible Diving Experiences of My Life

Just disembark from my first liveaboard experience, onboard the Nautilus Explorer. Where to start? I could not have dreamed of an experience that came even close to the incredible revenge cruise in The Sea of Cortez in September 2022.

Starting our trip with a truly warm welcome in Cabo, the super genuine and friendly crew which each and every one of them added a very special something to our time on board. Celine our DM was incredibly knowledgeable, but above all focused on providing all of us the best experience inside and outside of the water, Alicia our hostess is one of the most caring and committed people I have ever met, and Quique our chef could easily be a winner at master chef program. If he was not so committed to expanding our respective waistlines. And the crew starting with Captain Gilberto, first officer Sebastian and engineer Daniel, made our trip a dream. We did 15 dives during our 4 days of diving and each one was more special than the other. Nautilus delivered on their promises about the wildlife encounters, as we saw everything from oceanic manta rays, turtles, so many sea lions we lost count, and everything in between. Our dives range from beautiful shallow reefs dives, night dives, and wreck dives
as well as everything in between. I could not agree more with Cousteau’s statement that the sea of Cortez is the aquarium of the world, as each and every dive overwhelmed us with sealife, simply put, it has been one of the most incredible diving experiences of my life.

  • Berry, Andorra onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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