A Spiritual Experience That I’ll Never Forget

As someone who lives in a landlocked state in the US, I did not really get a chance to dive at all during the COVID pandemic.
Because of that, I wanted my first pot-pandemic dive trip to be a memorable one. And, so far, my liveaboard trip with Nautilus, through the Sea of Cortes, has been just that.

Yesterday afternoon, while diving La Reina, I got to see a few first for me. I wound up in a fish cyclone that absolutely blew me away. Then, not three minutes later, our dive guide Celi started pointing out into the blue and making a wing-flapping motion with her arms.

I stood still and watched as the largest ray I have ever seen in my life came into sight. It was the first manta ray I’ve ever seen, and pictures just don’t do it justice. It was enormous; absolutely out of this world. And as it buzzed over my head with the rays of the sun shining down on it, all I could think to do was put my hand on my heart (after I made sure to get some Go Pro feature of course).

Dare I say, It was a spiritual experience that I’ll never forget. I’m already making plans to get to Socorro to see even more mantas.

  • Chris Wilson, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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