Punta Pulpito, and some nice dives

Skies clear, in water vis 60-80′, no current, temp 82F

We made two more dives yesterday at our new site south of Punta Pulpito. Both were engjoyed greatly by the guests. Lots of corals and gorgonians, and and reef fish galore.

Weve made two dives here so far today, one here on the south side near the lighthouse, and one along the unknown eastern side. The east side dive was not one we would likely do again. Good topography but little life. Not as good as the south side anyway. here divers have been seeing moray eels, lots of parrot fish and there was one turtle on the first dive as well. We will make one more dive here this afternoon and then get underway to agua verde where we will have a night dive before dinner.

Noon report Jon Shepard 29th October, 2022, Gallant Lady

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