Roca and Boiler manta action

A sunny beautiful day at the Boiler , yesterday we did two more dives at Roca Partida, good dives , but the last one was the best, the third dive was quiet calm but still good with some manta activity and lots of sharks silvertips , for the fourth dive they spent about 20 minutes with a pod of 20 dolphins , after that dolphins just gone , however they came back in the safety stop , divers came out of the water very happy , two of them are fans of dolphins that is why they were speechless, weather conditions in both dives with medium current still to the west and water temperature 28C, 15 mts visibility, then we had the dinner and we did raise the anchor at 21:30 starting sailing to San Benedicto Island, the cruise was calm with winds of 6-8 Kt coming from NNW , and 3-4 ft swell, it was a good sleeping night for everyone, we arrived and dropped the anchor in the boiler at 06:30 , today we have done one dive because some divers woke up late due to the change of time, but the dive was great with the usual manta activity, 2 different mantas around the area and a lot of sharks as well, visibility of 7-8 meters, no current and 27C temperature water, we plan to do three more dives.

Noon report Armando Castillo , 30 oct 2022, Nautilus Explorer

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