Bottlenose Dolphins entertain our guests at Socorro

Our trips to Revillagigedo a.k.a. Socorro are a blast, no doubt about that. We have one of the best places in the world to dive with Megafauna. Yet, due to the very special conditions, we have a very unique situation in the archipelago. Three big currents, the Californian cold water current. Costa Rica and the equatorial counter-current both warm water currents merge at Revillagigedo. those currents are migratory ways but bring a constant supply of food. but it is not all, coming from the west Revi are the first seamounts migrational animals are gonna find, possibilities to get cleaned, socialize, maybe mate and feed.

So, these big animals are gonna hang around for a while before migrating further. We also have locale populations of Pelagic Mantas and Dolphins and obviously Sharks, a huge range of different species. In Revillagigedo, you have one of the world’s best if not THE best interactions with Pelagic Mantas and Bottlenose Dolphins. If you don’t believe it, come and check it out.

I gonna give you a standard dive example from my favorite dive site on Socorro Island, Cabo Pearce. We hit the water and enter the depth of the pacific Ocean following the sheer wall at the south side of Cape Pearce and slowly reaching the first shallow cleaning station. We stayed there, the current is hitting to the north and I stayed protected.

After 3 minutes a Manta comes in above us to get cleaned, followed by a second… but now and here I am not interested in the Mantas, due to that current I know the Hammerheads might come very close to the cape, those guys like to patrol in the current… It takes 8 minutes of waiting until a school of maybe 30-35 Hammerheads show off and turn towards us to pass just above us… hell yeah, the show is on.

Bottlenose Dolphins took the scene over and played in front of us.

Those guys are gonna come back I think. So we wait for more. The 2 Mantas make our waiting time short. Yes, the Hammers come in again. Let’s wait for the third lap, and the 2 Mantas distract us again for the little waiting time. But the Hammers never show again… what’s wrong!

Until I understand. Bottlenose Dolphins took the scene over and played in front of us, 6 in total, they disturbed the shy Hammerheads and took the command… WOW! Best dive of your life you say. Upper standard in Revillagigedo I answer.

And trips get even better when you have the kind of special people onboard, Ocean Lovers, Shark Addicts, or just passionate Divers. This trip was like that. I feel blessed to be surrounded by that kind of people, guests, and crew.

One of our guests did a murder game on that trip, so funny we laugh a lot and had a very very good time together on the sundeck.

Life is GOOD.

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