Dive of a Lifetime

Don’t just exist, live. Experience your dive of a lifetime only with the best.

It is still calm at one of the very famous dive sites at San Benedicto island; The Boiler. We expect the wind to pick up later today but we are going to give it a shot. the trip has been more than good so far, so we want to keep the level and even put the cherry on that cake.

Second dive of the day. We hit the crystal clear water, with a visibility of maybe 100 ft, and drop into the depth. I look behind me and here they are again the most incredible inhabitant of the Pacific, the Pelagic Mantas. They are so curious today. This morning we saw 4 different. Now we are circled and checked out by more than 6. It’s a very very special experience when those self-conscious creatures check us out. We are aliens to them but their smartness lets them understand that we mean no harm and they learned behavior toward humans.

It’s just mind-boggling when those majestic beautiful smart minds try to understand us… and we try to figure out the same. Who is actually observing whom? It goes both ways and it is a fantastic situation, addictive and marvelous. One will never understand, you have to experience it, live it, feel it…

Later during the dive when the Mantas still amaze my group, Dolphins show up behind the Mantas, what a shot. The Dolphins are smart too but I think the concept of that intelligence is very different, evolutionary so far away from each other, Mother Nature took 2 very different ways to create conscience and self-awareness and wild intelligence. Still, both species together made the dive unforgettable…

Dive of a lifetime…

If you want it too, we have a ticket to guaranteed amazement.

  • DM Pascal, onboard Nautilus Undersea Hunter

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