Whale Shark?? Maybe…

Yesterday, we finished our day diving at the Canyon. Our guests dove with 6-8 hammerhead sharks, some Galapagos sharks, silver tips sharks, and 1 black manta swimming around. In general, the dive was good, just the visibility was not amazing, it was around 30 ft max 35 ft, and the water temp:23°C, after we finish we enjoyed our traditional Taco night at the Sun deck, our guests really enjoyed the tacos. After our taco, we picked up the anchor and we sailed directly to Cabo Pearce.

Today, our 1st dive was very good we could see 2 black mantas, 1 chevron, 1 Galapagos, and 1 hammerhead shark. And at the 2nd one, we had at the same time 1 black manta and around 5 hammerheads swimming around the water temp 24°C and visibility around 55 ft. Our guests Rob told us that he saw a whale shark!!! Apparently, he was the only one to see it. 😉

  • Submitted by Julio aboard the Belle Amie

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