Trip in the Nautilus

This is my first trip on the Nautilus and it has been a truly wonderful experience. The crew is caring and friendly and I could promptly connect with them and the philosophy of the company. I hit it off instantly with other lovely clients and together we had some amazing dives, especially the last one at El Canon where we came up against a lot of sharks swimming gracefully around.

Everyone was very happy and satisfied with the trip, the smile on the faces of the clients and the energy driving the crew said it all.

I look forward to keeping up the tempo and having many more wonderful underwater adventures here!

Diving off Fodeadero

First Dive

Our first dive of the trip was from a site called Fodeadero and what a wonderfully crazy experience it turned out to be.

In the beginning, sighting the sharks was not as fast as we expected, rather, it was quite slow with only some Whitetip sharks and stingrays swimming past us. But then the floodgates opened and there was no stopping them. We saw some Hammerhead sharks swimming toward us and when our attention was on them, a small male Tiger shark appeared out of the blue.

This was soon followed by an Oceanic Blacktip shark and just as we thought we had seen enough for a lifetime, 5 Hammerheads swam majestically past us with 2 more Tiger sharks in tow.

A fabulous experience! If this is our first dive, let us see what the rest of the week has in store for us.

A Memorable Day at Fodeadero

If the first dive was an unforgettable experience the second day was very special too, one that will be forever etched in my memory.

While the first two dives were calm without much to see, we never gave up hope. We kept our patience and on the third dive of the day we hit paydirt and the magic happened. 3 Chevron Mantas were swimming around us and being quite friendly and after they left, we started heading to the north side of the lava finger. There was some current so we went to the protected area.

Then suddenly, I could see something white in the distance. Initially, I was wondering what it could be but after a few seconds, it all made sense. The shadow in the distance turned out to be the giant pectoral fin of a Humpback whale swimming straight toward us. At ten meters, it veered away and vanished into the deep blue water, enough time for us to have a look really up close.

What an amazing experience, enough to be etched in the memory for a lifetime.

Diving off Cabo Pearce

What a day, non-stop activity under the blue waters of Cabo Pearce. During the first two dives, we were surrounded by friendly mantas, hammerheads, and friendly dolphins nudging close by us. On the next dive, the divers got the treat of a lifetime and what dreams are made of. Two Humpback whales appeared from the depths and calmly approached them, looked them closely in the eye, and with a flip of a tail, disappeared to where they had come from. All the divers were too stunned by the encounter to react.

To my misfortune, I was not on the dive but was happy to see how excited the divers were when came back to the boat. They showed us the videos and were wondering if the sighting had been for real.

The whale activity that we have seen this week is awesome and Punta Tosca deserves a special mention. We saw 6 whales around the Belle Amie including a mother and her calf. The small one gave us a thrilling show of acrobatics, even though at that age the skills were not too sharp.

The climate at Socorro is quite hot now.

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