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You can hardly enjoy a great diving experience, regardless of how exotic the place is or how much the underwater is teeming with sea creatures if you do not have experienced support staff backing you up. It can mean the difference between a trip that will be in your memory for long or one that you would rather quickly forget.

Let me start with the crew.

The crew is very friendly and professional with a high focus on safety. The company is very safety-oriented and the dive masters constantly carry out drills so that in any emergency you know what to do and they are on their toes to help you out. Even though I have dived with this company before, this is one reason why I keep coming back for more.

No words can describe the hospitality we got from the crew. From Day 1 they make you feel like family leading to a lot of bonhomie and a great diving experience. The rooms were clean and the food too was very good. They also took care of special needs diets. We were constantly plied with tasty food and adult beverages on the side!

But what struck me the most was the in-depth knowledge of the dive masters about sea life. Even when our group threw them a curve ball with an emergency, the crew stepped up. They also explained how to get the best photo opportunities with marine animals and I have got some stunning videos and photos to take back home.

What can one say about diving on the Nautilus? It was an amazing experience and I have not stopped smiling since I started diving here. Best liveaboard dive trip I have been on and will be remembering it for many years to come.

We encountered a lot of sea animals and were awestruck by the large mantas, hammerhead sharks, whitetip sharks, and the ever-friendly dolphins swimming with us at arm’s length. The mantas were just unbelievable, they were all over the place, not to forget the Hammerheads on the side.

As I said, I would love to dive with the Nautilus again at the first opportunity.

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