Diving off Socorro on the Nautilus Belle Amie

Great dives at Socorro

If I evaluate all my dive trips of the past, Socorro surely takes the cake. This place sets the benchmark so high that I cannot imagine any other place to equal or even come close to a Socorro dive experience. Seeing all the underwater animals hunting in their natural habitat is no less amazing when compared to an African safari on land.

At Socorro, the oceanic mantas are huge but so elegant and graceful in their acrobatics. Dolphins, mantas, hammerheads, and all kinds of sharks are almost a guaranteed sighting from every back roll. And the biggest bonus is the humpback whale.

I had primarily come to Socorro to see the oceanic mantas and my wish was fulfilled many times over. They came so close that I could make eye contact with these beautiful, majestic beings. We saw mantas on all four dives today at Cabo Pearce. I also saw a hammerhead for the first time.

Overall, the diving was extraordinary with close encounters with giant mantas, hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, and Silvertips.

Great 5-star hospitality on the Nautilus Belle Amie

For our Socorro trip from March 4 to 12, 2023, we were guests aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie. It was our second time trip on this boat and it was a terrific experience once again. The Nautilus Belle Amie is a well-run boat, and the crew works incredibly hard to ensure that everyone has a wonderful, comfortable, and safe experience.

I strongly believe that even though the diving part is very important, it is necessary to have a great atmosphere around you where you are always in your comfort zone. The crew of the boat was more than efficient in this area and it was always service with a smile.

Here I would especially like to thank members of the crew individually for the high level of hospitality provided to us.

Nacho and all the dive masters were attentive and professional. Alicia the hostess was an amazing force of nature completing dozens of tasks seemingly all at once, never appearing to be overloaded with work when she was. Chef Enrique concocted fresh soups and pastries like a magician, and Osa was everywhere all the time helping everyone with their requests.
It is their attention to the smallest details that make this boat and the crew top of the top when it comes to liveaboard diving!

Summing up the trip

If you are planning to dive off Socorro Island, I recommend that Nautilus should be your trusted partner. The dives were awesome and so was the backup support.  

On the Nautilus Belle Amie, we were constantly bombarded with 5-star treatment. The ship is one of the best in this field, and most importantly comes with several redundant safety features. The crew, from chef, host/hostess, engineer, captains, and dive masters provide such excellent service that you would want to book your next trip right here on the Belle Amie. This is one check off my bucket list (twice).

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