Amazing Guest Experiences with Nautilus Liveaboards

Here are some amazing experiences of guests on board the Nautilus and diving among fascinating sea creatures

Guest Cristiana & Juan

When my husband and I saw that Nautilus Dive Adventures offered a trip to the Sea of Cortez and an opportunity to swim with sea lions and whale sharks, we were so excited. As non-divers, we were not sure what to expect to see from snorkeling. But what a pleasant surprise on day one when we snorkeled with the most graceful playful sea lions. They came right up to us and swam around us.

The water was warm and visibility was clear. The entire crew was knowledgeable, friendly, and really accommodating to us. We were able to go scuba diving in the shallow water with dive master Daniel to practice. We had training on the equipment first and then on the next dive we went out. Daniel brought me down first and then while I waited at the bottom for my husband, I was greeted with the most colorful fish that swam around my fins. As I looked up a sea lion was right in front of me.

Honestly, it was indescribable. Once we were all at the bottom we swam around and saw an abundance of fish, sea lions, puffer fish, and starfish. It was so serene and breathtaking.

Guest Marc

Day 1-3 of the Sea of Cortez Trip

Everything about this trip has been amazing, from the glass of champagne when we arrived on the boat to the special requests the dive masters take in organizing the dives. This vacation feels like a cross between a dive trip and being pampered at a spa, no detail is too small to ensure that every guest has the best experience. We have seen sea lions by the dozen, turtles, jacks, and many more! Our panga driver even circled back after our dive because they spotted dolphins and they made sure to get us in the water to swim with them! I cannot wait to see what the next three days have in store for us!

The Ultimate Whale Shark Experience with Nautilus Liveaboards definitely lives up to its name! Today we got to snorkel with whale sharks and it was amazing! This experience was incredible! The dive masters were so good at spotting the whale sharks and helping us get into the water near them. From the panga, the dive masters would give us directions to make sure that we didn’t miss the whale sharks! We got to see some juvenile whale sharks as well as some big ones!

Prior to the snorkeling today, the dive masters put together a great presentation to help us learn some really cool facts about whale sharks. They also helped us prepare, making sure we knew what to do when we saw the whale sharks. This is an experience I don’t think I will ever forget. I am so thankful to Nautilus for providing this opportunity. What an awesome experience!

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