Socorro Diving: A whole different story!

I never thought I’d travel 3,000 miles to swim around a rock covered in bird poop”, I said to the skiff driver before I rolled backward into the 2,000ft of water surrounding Roca Partida. But underwater, it was a whole different story!

We came to the Socorro Islands to see the big pelagic animals, and Nautilus sure delivered! It’s hard to describe the feeling of looking into the jet-black eyes of a giant manta as it glides effortlessly by. Throughout the week we had once-in-a-lifetime encounters with mantas, dolphins, and more species of sharks than we can count (Hammerheads, Tigers, Oceanic Silvertips…). They weren’t kidding when they said “By the end of the week, you won’t even turn your camera on for the small sharks”. In over 700 dives, I have never swam with marine life that is so playful and inquisitive. The mantas and dolphins intentionally come up to you and enjoy interacting with the divers.

Despite being in the 2nd most remote recreational dive site in the world, dive operations were incredibly smooth and safe. Getting in and out of the skiffs was well choreographed, even in wavy conditions, and we never waited at the surface to be picked up for more than a few minutes. The dive guides were experts and dropped us in just the right part of the dive sites to avoid the strong currents and get the most out of each dive, as the conditions changed throughout the day.

The Belle Amie is very well maintained, and comfortable. Offering a great place to recharge and relax between dives. The glasses of cold water while you are all geared up waiting to get in the water, and hot chocolate on the dive deck when you return are a nice touch. The Captain and crew took great care of us throughout the week. Have you booked your trip yet?


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