Socorro Islands Mexico 2024: It’s On! 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this unique adventure in Socorro Islands, Mexico this 2024?


This 2024 year, Socorro islands, Mexico delivers even more extraordinary experiences with each dive, showcasing the diverse wonders this archipelago has to offer.

From the waters of Punta Tosca to the impressive environments of Roca Partida and The Boiler, the Revillagigedo Archipelago offers unique experiences for divers all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.

This liveaboard trip to Socorro, in the Archipelago of Revillagigedo has been remarkable in so many good ways.
It’s my first time in the Pacific, and I must say that the dives exceeded my expectations.

The first day of diving was incredible, with abundant life and a diversity of species. The sharks were the highlight, including hammerheads (some big schools), tigers, silver tips, white tips, and galapagos.

Subsequent dives gave rise to further encounters with different sharks, as well as with bottlenose dolphins, oceanic mantas, lobsters, octopuses, and a variety of reef and pelagic fishes and other critters.

We even heard a whale really close by underwater. This is a truly special place.

The dive operation and the boat service, in general, are equally superb. Dive guides Mario, Mariana, and Daniela are very amiable and do a great job of combining dive enjoyment with respect for marine life and compliance with local rules.

Marlene and Angel are also extremely hospitable, always making sure we are well-fed and hydrated. All the crew members are very pleasant, dedicated, professional, versatile, and attentive in anticipating and meeting our needs, in addition to being very safety-oriented.

All in all, a great experience, memorable for all the right reasons.

Guest Gabriel M

Dives at El Canyon are pure adrenaline, and lately, the water has been giving us incredible visibility that allows you to immerse yourself in an amazing marine world.

The animals are more interactive and present than ever. Majestic mantas approach curiously, dolphins seem to pose for photos, and sharks (you can even spot different species) put on a show in each dive.

(…)Today at El Canyon has been just incredible, marking the best dives of the trip and probably the season.

There is a huge pod of dolphins that has been at the dive site for the entirety of both dives, being playful and interactive. Additionally, there is a big school of hammerheads, 15-20 big Galapagos sharks, silver-tips, and silkies. We’ve also spotted schooling yellow-fin tuna.

Moreover, there are at least three different giant mantas cruising and hanging around the divers while they watch the dolphin and shark show. None of these animals are just passing by one or two groups; they are all hanging right around the dive site for the entire dive on both of our two morning dives. Guests are just blown away!

The visibility is around 20 meters, water temperature is 25-26°C, and the current is mild.

We will be departing tonight by 23:00 for Cabo. The weather forecast for the transit north looks great.

Captain Gordon Kipp

Socorro is giving everyone moments they never would have imagined. This year, Socorro promises to be not just a diving destination but a continuous journey into the unknown, where excitement and wonder intertwine in every corner of the deep ocean. 

Join The Adventure that goes beyond the ordinary, where each moment is a treasure and every dive is a thrilling exploration.We look forward to welcoming you aboard for an incredible journey in the Archipelago of Revillagigedo!

It is your turn to Join this Experience!

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