Amazing Orcas Experience

Another great breakfast and the first treat was a visit by friendly and energetic dolphins to welcome us to another great day; no wind and calm seas. And then – out of the blue – a pod of orcas, on the hunt for something to eat. We jumped into the RIB and rushed out to see if we could catch up with them. Not only did we find them, but we were given front row seats for a very well planned orca hunt, as they hunted a dolphin, with a baby orca in tow learning how it works. The orcas circled our RIB, swam under it and swam right next to us as they herded the dolphin. Some of us were able to lean over with goggles and watch the majestic animals swim along and under us. The whole experience was amazing, although hard to see the poor dolphin finally hunted down. Everyone was so excited, guests and guides; what a once in a lifetime experience for everyone.

Mike Vels From Canada

By Nautilus Guests

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