Socorro Mexico Always Delivers!

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Socorro Mexico is a destination that is on the list of places a diver must go to at least once in their life, and that probably won’t be the only one.

This group of islands in the Mexican Pacific not only promises the best encounters with giant mantas, various types of sharks, playful dolphins, and even whales but also delivers on it.

We invite you to read what you can expect from your dives on this side of the world:

I had Socorro on my diving bucket list for a long time, and finally got here. this trip (day6 of diving today) has been amazing- saw so many Mantas at Cabo Pearce, my first hammerhead at the Corridor (St Benedicto) and El Boiler and my first ever Galapagos sharks.
The mantas feeding and dancing in the water will stay with me a long time. I also loved the large group of fish, hearing the humpback whales singing in the water.

I feel very privilege to come on this trip with Nautilus Belle-Amie- with the kindest and funniest Captain Beto, and a wonderful friendly and attentive crew.
Food is good and the hot tub on top deck the cherry on the cake. Hope to come again!


Most Incredible Trip Ever!

My wife and I have traveled all over the world and been on many liveaboards. I can say without reservation that this trip to the Revillagigedo Archipelago was the best yet. The dive crew were experienced, competent and a lot of fun.
The kitchen and cabin crew were always working hard and available asking if we needed anything from extra pillows, snacks, hot chocolate or cold drinks.
Of course this is just the icing on the cake: the diving is what we came for and did they ever deliver!
The captain worked to ensure we were the only boat on the dive sites 90% of the time. We saw Humpback whales and Dolphins ever day.
We had multiple close encounters with dolphins while diving, the seemed curious and friendly as they would come right up within a few feet from us!
Giant Mantas, several species of sharks, large octopus, endemic fish and more on pretty much every dive.
The water was cool but the hot tub was always full and a toasty 104 degrees after every dive. Evenings were spend with a cocktail watching the stars in a night sky hundreds of miles from the nearest street lights. This was our 3rd trip to Socorro and we are already talking about out next trip!!


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Make your diver’s dreams come true at Socorro Mexico!

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