Hammerheads! Incredible Experience

First day of diving today. We started with a checkout dive to work out the kinks and get our gear set up, and were surprised by our first manta of the trip. Our second dive was at the boiler, with some surf and swell on the surface, but shockingly calm underneath. And down there we were graced with the presence of a beautiful, massive, oceanic manta that followed our groups for the whole dive. Next we took a turn back to a dive site called lava flow which brought some surprises: 3 octopuses, a couple big turtles, and a good helping of sharks. Our last dive was at the Las canones, which was the highlight of the day. As the sun got closer to setting, the galapagos, white tip, black tip, and HAMMERHEADS came out to hunt in what felt like a tornado of sharks. Incredible experience and cannot wait for tomorrow

Michael Sassounian

By Nautilus Guests

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