Revillagigedo is on Fire!

And boom!! Revilla did it again, when everything was not the best, we catch the good ones at roca partida, i haven’t get the best dives form roca, but always delivers and we got this beautiful dives along the guest, dolphins, whale with the calf, mantas, and lots of white tips, felling really happy for the guest, they travel long way to see what it its Mexico!! We give them the opportunity to do this massive interaction with the nature, felling really proud of my country and the oportunity of this job, I’m trying togive my best every day, for everything, I know im not the younger person i would like to be, but this is the best way to go on. Cherry season its about to come in Canada another job that i love, waiting to mix the passions of my life, sometimes i would like to think in far future, but lately i find better to go day at day.
Bad days are left behind, i feel it more and more!!!

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