Socorro’s Beautiful Wildlife

Being a dive guide in Revillagigedo aka Socorro Islands on board one of the the Nautilus fleet vessels is the opportunity to work in a most safe environment, with a most experienced and profesional crew and diving a most exiting and thrilling area worldwide. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills and grow to next levels.
Yes, dive conditions can be challenging, but that makes the beauty of diving big pelagic animals in a remote place like Socorro. It’s one of the most remote dive site in the world and that makes its magic. Being a UNESCO world heritage park and the biggest national parK of the North America, this area is truly semi virgin. Old rippled volcanic islands erroded by water and wind of the eastern pacific ocean, these islands are sanctuary to a lot of endemic species on land but also in the water, these remote islands are also home of a huge range of pelagic and riff life, but especially of a very high number of megafauna, BIG marine animals. You have very good chances to see up to 9 different shark species, including Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks and Whale Sharks. There is a tremendous number of Pelagic Mantas, you might have days with more than 10 Mantas in one dive. We have also the jockers of the ocean that we lately have seen more than one time every trip, the Bottle Nose Dolphins.
This trip I have had a most venerable dive at Roca Partida, depths of 5000 feet. You literally diving the pelagic environment at this rock. So we hit the pristine water of the Pacific and I could already hear the sounds of Dolphins, but couldn’t see them. I did not wanted to raise expectations and did not signal to my group that I was hearing the clicks… but here they were already… everywhere… I counted more than 43 on one point. those buggers were all over the place and super playful and friendly, my group spread all over the rock to play with little groups of this pod. The Dolphins were circling us, staying quiet sometimes, watching you straight in the eyes, showing belly, doing all kind of stuff and they really wanted to interact and also trick us…
They stayed for the entire dive, more than 50 minutes of highly interactive, playful but wild Dolphins… where in the world can you have dives like that?
I feel more than blessed to share those moments with our guest and show them the beauty of truly WILD life in a truly WILD environment and bring back truly WILD memories, I love to share those experiences with guest and crew and having the best time of my life while doing that.

A grateful DG, Pascal

By Nautilus Crew

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