Leading giant manta ray researchers and scientists onboard studying our favorite mantas.

Location: Cabo Pearce, Socorro Island, Baja California. Mexico
Diving down by the inner cleaning station on at Cabo Pearse on Socorro Island was just one of these dives again!! A complete wall of hammerhead sharks ray we where hanging on to the rocks and made our self as small as possible and we got a group of what? A houndred hammerheads above us infront of us and behind us! Over and over again and wow that is overwhelming to see it has seen by your own eyes. And the Scalloped hammerheads here in Cabo Pierce are really beefy as well, more then other dive sites.
Then came the dolphins and we ended up with a manta.
The second dive was for some a bit dull and for others of us exiting , we got 4 giant mantas where 2 stayed and played with us. This trip is a bit extra exiting because we got 4 researchers with us. One is Bob Rubin that have done manta research of the Giant Pacific mantas of the Revillagigedos islands for over 20 years and has a lot of knowledge about this area and is great for us crew as well our guests to squeeze out as much information as possible from him and his 3 following company Carey , Guy and Rory (Guy and Rory are doing reseach of Mantas in the Maldives since 5 years back) last year in April they where with us and tagged 10 mantas and put out receivers on the 3 islands Socorro, san Benedicto and Roca Partida. they are here to take them up and collect information and replace them and hopefully tag some more mantas, so far this trip we got 4 tagged.
This is to try to understand the route that the mantas are taking and to try to get out an census of how many we got around the Socorro islands. We have identified ca 200 mantas . many are by id photos that we the dive guides and our guests has been taken. Really nice to have them back on the boat and to share information and experiences.  Tonight we will go and snorkel with the silky sharks chasing the flying fish that are feeding around the boat!!  Divemaster Sten.
Surface conditions : 33 C sun and clouds. Easy swell . light wind.
Underwater conditions: 24 -23 C Viz from 80-40 ft. We had a bit of current first dive and mild the following 2 dives.

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