Surge + downcurrent at Roca Partida proves a bit humbling for experienced divers. Guest blog. January 9, 2010

Roca Partida was a great dive site, where repetition on the site was anything but boring. each dive we had no idea which place to look first, at the silver tip sharks, the pod of dolphins, the hammerhead sharks or the enormous yellow fin tuna making the rounds. Lisa tried to tell me about some hammerheads, but didn’t get that far as two giant mantas came swooping in. today was especially great as the dive group was more spread out and we had the two mantas to ourselves for a while. in many ways we did not do the big morays and masses of fish justice as we were so taken with the sharks, dolphins and manta rays! however, the surge + down current does make experienced divers feel like novices – a bit humbling.  but well worth the school of silver tips and hammerheads we’ve seen. Shera
Fi- Just leaving Roca Partida- a truly great dive site with sharks galore- hammerheads, silvertips, white tips, galapogas, and silkies. Last dive yesterday was awesome- that lot plus some dolphins drawn in by Sten’s magic shark caller, a monster tuna and finishing off with two friendly black mantas. Despite the warms seas, the hot tub is the best way to re-warm after a dive! We need to introduce them in the UK too. With the crew, guides and hostesses, this trip is going to be hard to follow.

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