300 pound yellow fin tuna bursting through schools of ten thousand Creol fish makes a noise of thunder under water.

Location: Roca partida, Socorro Island,  Islas Revillagigedos, Baja california.
After one day beautiful diving with hammerhead sharks and giant mantas at San Benedicto Island we decided already to move over to Roca Partida. Over  the last years and with huge improvements in shoreside computer weather modelling, we have all become quite expert of reading the different weather forecasts.  When Captain Mike is shoreside he keeps an especially close eye on the weather for us and that makes us almost always being able to spot the calmest time to move over to this weather sensitive rock with incredible diving in open ocean –  it is a a single rock double the size of Nautilus Explorer where there is no where to hide. We receive it daily on our satelite mail on board from our head office, and again it worked out well and we spent two calm days over at Roca Partida.
And what a two days! Water was nicely clear and the current was a little bit different then normal so the animals where moving more up towards the south point and a lot!!
Silver tip sharks every where. Single solo  scalloped hammerhead sharks to the big groups of a hundred that appeared as fast as they disappeared. Some times when we where hanging close to the black jacks we got very close to some of them or when we where wedged in to the wall of Roca Partida we some times met up nose to nose with the sharks and both diver and shark jumped up a bit when we surprised each others.
And then you swim in a cloud of the red Creol fish, suddenly now and then you can hear a thunder in the water. Like lightening on a distance. What you hear are all the fish move one direction at the same time getting away from hunting 300 pounds giant yellow fin tunas! This trip there where several of them. What a beautiful fish. A bullet in the water. Lots of Wahoos where hunting as well. I saw a Silver tip shark catching a fish. At one time the sight of a dolphin mother and baby gently swimming touching  each others while the same viem has a school of hammerhead sharks, Tunas coming in Silvertips swimming around all happening just infront of your eyes. That is Roca partida!!
We had two black mantas playing with us and with each others. One of the giant manta rays was one of the ones sighted last trip.  divemaster Sten.
Surface conditions: 32C very shallow and long swell, mostly sunny.
Underwater conditions: 24 C down to 22 C viz in between 100 ft to 50, depending on upwelling and therma climes. Current was mostly mild with some dives with strong er current.

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