Humpback whales greet us at San Benedicto Island by breaching simultaneously on both sides of the Nautilus Explorer – Captain and divemaster log – 23 FEB, 2010

This morning we arrived at San Benedicto Island at 1000. It had been almost 24 hours since we left Cabo San Lucas and our 21 divers were  anticipating the first dive at the “Canyon”. We had another “rolly” ride with an unusually big swell on the beam of consistent 8 – 9  feet or so.   Sometimes bigger.  It’s very unusual to get 2 rides in a row to Socorro in a big beam sea as things are generally much calmer.  No worries though and guests were fine thanks to the beautiful ride of the Nautilus.  As we approached the north end of San Benedicto Island I could see several humpback whale spouts about a half a mile ahead. Soon the guests were lined up down the side of the boat as we cruised past them.  There were 2 or 3 whales on each side of the boat, breaching and sounding with their tales in the air. As if that wasn’t enough, several dolphins began traveling along beside us, doing what dolphins do best; Jumping and playing in the bow wave. There were even 2 giant mantas visible on the surface. It was the perfect beginning to the day. What better than a Whale and dolphin escort? The days dives have proved to be equally rewarding for the guests, with a good showing of mantas, hammerhead sharks,(15 in a school) and some silky sharks. With 5 more dive days to look forward to,it has been a great start. Captain Ted
Reaching up San Benedicto closeby Socorro Island this morning gave us a warm welcome!  Before even reaching our dear canyon on the south end of San Benedicto we got a company from a group of Bottle nose dolphins and we passed two mantas that where on the surface and just before anchoring we had a show of a breaching humpback just beside the boat. I don’t know what was most entertaining to watch our guest shouting of excitment on the sun deck or the animals that greeted us.  We set up our gear and go in to the water, actually the first dive gave us a bit of current and made that most of us did not get so far a way from the boat. The other two dives gave better result and we came in to hammmerheads sharks and a very friendly male giant manta. I recognice him from before, he has been seen several times here in the Canyon and is very friendly, And followed us back to the Nautilus Explorer.  We also spotted some very curious silky sharks and silver tip sharks.   We could hear humpback whales a lot and three of our guest got to see them in the water just from the back of our boat . A Calf, not much bigger then 12 ft and its mother with an male escort. Some snorkelers very excited coming back to the Nautilus Explorer. Divemaster Sten
Surface conditions: Today was windy but mostly sunny, 27 C in the air.

Underwater conditions: About a 20 m or a 80 ft viz, Bit of current the first dive the others mild current and 24 C, 75 F.

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