It took quite awhile for my heart beat to return to normal. Socorro Island, Baja California, Mexico.

Giant Manta Socorro Island Diving
Well, how could it get any better than three fantastic dives at the Socorro Is land dive site? Visited by Mantas constantly on the first two dives. Watching a giant Manta hanging in the current being cleaned by a dozen Clarion Angels was pretty cool. Then to top it all off after dinner some of us jumped off the back of the Nautilus and did a night snorkel with half a dozen large silky sharks. With a mixture of excitement and fear I watched as the sharks repeatedly came towards me only to duck and pass a few inches under me. We were a great spectacle to those who considered themselves wiser and stayed on the swim grid to watch. It took quite awhile for my heart beat to return to normal after that amazing experience.
I would definitely recommend jumping in if only for a few minutes.
Eiko Jones – Campbell River, BC, Canada.
Socorro Shark Diving
Roca Partida: 100 plus vis, Silver tip, White tip, Galapagos, Hammer head Sharks, Bottlenose Dolphins, Yellow fin Tuna, and an attack sea urchin. How can it get better other than one more day here tomorrow.
Eiko Jones – Campbell River, BC, Canada.

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