Shark Week has nothing on us today. I got so used to the shark action that I almost skipped the last dive. Whale shark!

Our first three dives were filled with the usual galapagos and silver tipped sharks, nests of white tipped reef sharks, giant tuna, wahoo and the odd pacific manta. My highlight so far was the three hammerhead encounters on my second dive this morning – stunning. I got so used to this amazing shark action that I almost skipped the last dive of the day to indulge in a little hot tub time; but I couldn’t resist the call of the shark and suited up for one last dive on Roca Partida.
About 10 minutes in we were watching Galapagos sharks at 65 feet when I looked up and saw a massive tail go by above me. Something triggered in the back of my brain,  Whale Shark! My buddy and I made the decision to go for it and we chased it 1/3 of the way around the island before we caught it. We burned 1000 psi of nitrox and got our cardio workout for the day but the great shots and video were so worth it. It was my first whale shark and the size and grace are amazing. Other divers managed up to 3 encounters as it circled the island but I feel especially satisfied having earned those fleeting moments of contact with the majestic cetacean. Tomorrow we dive at Socorro and I can’t wait to see what’s next
– Ron Guenther
Roca Partida – Day 2
This Socorro trip has already produced mantas, hammerhead sharks and today a whale shark. Not to mention all the other types of sharks prowling or sleeping around. The sheer number of fish here is amazing. Lobster and moray’s staring out at you at every crevice. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip brings.
– Ray York
On this trip so far I’ve had the pleasure of diving with dolphins, Giant Manta Rays, White tips, Galapagos sharks and a WHALE SHARK!  This is in addition to all the incredible schools of fish, moray eels and invertebrates we find tucked away here and there.  Not bad for a first live aboard!
– Garret Riendeau

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