No great white sharks??? October 29, 2013

Sharking on the Nautilus Explorer is consistently excellent at Guadalupe Island.  We have had an amazing season – our best ever with week after week of really closeup encounters with the great white sharks circling our submersible cages at depth from very closeup.    We had one trip at the start of the season that did not meet our expectations and we promptly and proactively issued shipboard credits to all the guests onboard.  That’s our philosophy and company culture – do everything possible to ensure that we always exceed our guests’ expectations and take full ownership and make it right on the very rare occasion when things don’t go as expected..
So worst possible thing from our perspective happened on shark day 1 of our current trip.  NO SHARKS!!   Oh man.  We are all very stressed as we want our guests to have a perfect experience.  It’s very strange as this is the time of year that the big mommas – the biggest female sharks of all –  up to 19 feet in length – are around.  There is a tropical depression coming from the south and a cold front moving down from British Columbia.  I’m wondering if this has changed the direction of the pacific current with the result that the resident tuna have moved away from Guadalupe??  Tuna is what the great white sharks look for at this time of the season.
We are all thinking “happy shark thoughts” and we will see what tomorrow brings…  Stay tuned.
– Captain Mike

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