We sailed from the port of Ensenada around midnight, fully loaded with fuel, food and a boat full of excited divers.

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This marks the beginning of the changing of seasons for us, we will start by cage diving with great whites sharks at the Island of Guadalupe, then head south east to the dense kelp forests of Benitos and Cedros Islands to splash around with seals, sea lions and elephant seals.
Once the Northern portion of our trip is complete, we will set sail to the south where we will hopefully explore the rarely dived pinnacles of Rocas Alijos. They have been on my bucket list for years but I have yet to have the chance, hopefully this year will be the year and before we know it we will be back in our winter home at Socorro Island to dive with the Giant Pacific Mantas, swim with the Hammerhead sharks and glide with playful dolphins. Who knows what this 16 day adventure will bring, but stay tuned to find out!!
– Captain Tim

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