Unique in every way

Kept at it all day to be rewarded with huge Yellowfin Tuna, hammerhead and galapagos sharks as well as the residents of the rock, the lobsters and vast numbers of white tip reef sharks and fish in great shoals. Great vis to see this amazing rock from every direction, unique in every way.
Judi, UK
A night on my own snorkelling with the silky sharks of Roca Partida. After an eventful and enjoyable night snorkelling with the silky’s in Socorro, we were greeted with more silky’s at Roca Partida around the boat at night. I couldn’t pass up the chance to get in the water and spend some time with such beautiful sharks. However this time it was just me and with more sharks. Apparently people don’t normally snorkel with the silky’s at Roca Partida and I don’t know whether that’s why they were a little more inquisitive but it was certainly an intense but exciting half hour in the water. I was reguarly bumped into and snook up on from behind. I think my blue fins maybe resembled a yummy flying fish but I certainly had to have eyes in the back of my head. Another great experience on this trip.
Sean, UK

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