shark swimming past

April: Expectations Met

We are diving in the last week of April and this season really filled up my expectations: today only, we dived with curious and interacting giant mantas, had hammerheads circling us, galapagos and silvertips coming out of the blue, whitetips sleeping under the rocks…it’s more than i can describe!
The topography in the divesites is amazing as well, particularly Roca Oneill, my favourite divesite: stiff dropwall with 1 big arch and 1 cheminey full of whitetips, plateau of white volcanic rock that looks like flying over the Alps with its valleys, ridges, cracks and this white snowy color.
We are halfway through the trip and all of our guests have ticked some new animals off of their bucket list! Besides the magic giants, we even have had time to find nudibranchs for the Macro lovers!

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