Warm waters and plenty of sharks

After sailing 411 nautical miles from Rocas Alijos, where we did two dives we finally arrived at Roca Partida. My favorite Dive Spot!! The water was warm, 26 degrees on the surface, and we could leave the 7mm wetsuits on the boat, one diver wore only a thin lavacore jacket. During the only dive we could do today I have spotted Hammerheads, Silvertips, Galapagos, Silky and Whitetip Reefsharks. GREAT!!
At dawn we were out snorkelling and the Silky Sharks showed up, but to my surprise it was a smaller Whitetip who decided to bite into my fins – I survived my first shark attack, LOL :). Later on we will go out again and swim with the Silkies at night, lets see what is going to happen!!
– Joern from Berlin/Deutschland

Today we arrived at Roca Partida. Lovely place to be. We had a great dive with a lot of nice whitetip reef shark chilling all the time, two curious wahoo and a silvertip out in the blue. The highlight was the night snorkelling with the Silkies. Amazing how close they came.
– Babs from Haina (Kloster) Hessen Germany

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