The Rock’s Welcome

Today and last night we returned to diving the rock! Also known as Roca Partida, a jewel in the Revillagigedo Archipelago, which we visit every trip during the Socorro season. What a site, and what a fantastic welcome back “The Rock” has given us.
It was sharky to say the least. On every dive we saw scalloped hammerheads sometimes in large groups of 20 or more, massive galapagos sharks in groups of up to ten, schooling silvertips, schooling Silky sharks and, of course, that old favourite, the White tip reef shark lying in groups of 30 plus on Roca’s famous balconies. There truly must be over a hundred at the site and thats just the ones you see! With other visitors such as giant yellowfin Tuna and Bonito Tuna, Wahoo, Black Jack’s, Big Eye Trevally and cottonmouths just to name a few we were always on the edge not knowing where to look. With a bit of current on some of the dives, it was pretty adrenaline fuelled too! The visibility was easily 100ft but more like120ft plus with nice warm water at 26C/ 79F which everyone was pleased about!
We also did a night snorkel with silky sharks! They come right up to you and make for great photos in the dark they numbered more than 50 which was a sight to behold let me assure you. Tomorrow we head to Socorro island and hopefully can find some giant oceanic Mantas there and some dolphins if we are lucky! If so we can go back early because we have dived, seen and loved it all! What a trip!
– Divemaster Martyn

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