Looking forward to the mantas

Guadalupe was awesome, for me a dream came true since childhood. 10 out of 12 dives we could see the Great Whites, you just can describe it really when you have seen them live, so beautiful. Those memories will stay with me forever!
Isla Cedros, San Benito: plenty of sea lions, really funny to interact with them, enjoyed it a lot too! Rocas Alijos: super remote rock in the middle of nowhere, stunning really. Roca Partida: another remote location, breathtaking dropoff with incredible visibility. Every dive we could see Silkies, Galapagos, Hammerheads, and hundreds of white tip sharks resting above of each other. A real thrill was night snorkelling with nosey Silkies, which bump right into you!
Looking forward to Socorro now, our last 2 dive days, to swim with the big oceanic Mantas. The boat, food and crew: the boat is great, very spacey and clean, compared to the others we have seen on the trip. The food is plenty, it’s all about sleeping, diving, eating…would have enjoyed more seafood though. The crew is super friendly, very helpful and funny. Having a great time with them.
– Paul Nowak

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