Mantas – the more the merrier!

Our last day of diving was at El Boiler. For our first dive, we descended to around 10m, we could not believe what was in front of us. We were surrounded by a school of around 20 playful bottled-nose dolphins. For those of us who had a camera with them, we would not know where best to point our camera given sheer number of dolphins and all the actions in front of our eyes. In hindsight one should have a game plan to divide and conquer the filming should we be lucky enough to encounter such a scene again! It was mesmerizing and just unbelievable. The dolphins were very engaging and kept everyone busy. My husband extended his hand to try see if the dolphin would let him touch it, but no luck this time though still a very satisfying experience nonetheless.

Just to spice up this underwater adventure, a manta showed up and joined the fun, the more the merrier! It must be quite rare to have a dive with calm waters, a school of dolphins and a manta frolicking with the divers. No doubt this was the most memorable dive for most if not all of us.

Whilst chilling out after hot breakfast before getting ready for our second dive, someone spotted a whale. It was truly awesome to see the whale flipped its tail a couple of times and surfaced once with its full body.

Second dive we saw two mantas circling around our group. One is a black manta and the other an oceanic manta, both coming close to us quite a number of times. They went away for a bit but we waited and our patience paid off. They came back twice after they left us, seemingly wanted to play with us again and again.

There was also a hammerhead in the deeper waters but honestly we were quite preoccupied with the two mantas on top! Such a magnificent morning.

– Doris Cheung, Hong Kong

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