Wow, Amazing, Roca Partida

Hello Guys, well below is a comment from a guest, but let me let you know, today was amazing in Roca Partida.

Like always, the school of bulleye jacks and white cotton mouth jacks are there, hundreds. But then, a big shade away, yes yes… A huge female whale shark, pregnant, like 10m length swimming slowly, wow amazing! And in addition, like 80 hammerheads, 80 galapagos, 10 silvertips, 10 silkies, 5 mobulas, and of course the pacific white tips, like 100. And the reef fishes, always saying “welcome divers.”

Really, I think that was the best dive in my life in Roca… That’s the reason, in my opinion, Roca is the best dive spot in all Tropical Eastern Pacific

– Divemaster Arturo A. Bocos

By Nautilus Crew

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