Excellent crew make for an enjoyable trip

First day checkout dive we did not have good visibility. All equipment checked out good though. The next days were much better for visibility. The crew was excellent! Divemasters very knowledgeable about the dive sites and made sure everyone was comfortable with the dive plans.

Saw many mantas throughout the dives, many species of sharks – Galapagos, white tips, silver tips, grey. A couple crew members also saw a tiger shark while snorkelling during a break.

Favorite dive site was definitely the Boiler. Lots of mantas and dolphins. Roca Partida’s last dive we saw lots of tuna, wahoo and big schools of black jacks. During the safety stop, saw a big Galapagos shark and a school of blackfin tuna.

Can’t say enough good things about the crew. The captain was quick to move the boat when we weren’t seeing much at one dive site. The panga drivers kept the rides fun and humorous, especially TJ and Joel. Lauro served excellent food the whole trip. Don’t know how he marinated and cooked the steaks so well, but yum! Favi and Dulci were always there to help in any way.

Thanks to all the crew for making this such a memorable and enjoyable trip! Glad to have made new friends of both crew and passengers.

– Don, Texas

By Nautilus Guests

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