Come back with us, Nautilus!

Going home, ready for next week

On the way home from an amazing trip! Enjoyed watching the slide show, full of all the beautiful pictures of mantas, sharks and dolphins that we saw this week!

We had such a fun group this week, it will be sad to see them go, but glad they are leaving with such great memories! Let’s see what next week’s trip has in store!

– Divemaster Ginger

Fulfilling needs, wishes, and dreams

After been guiding a few years, you notice that the dive community is quite small and most of the time, a pleasant interesting group. And a lot of times we meet again and again. Like this time, I did not really watch the names on the passenger list and when the guests were coming in to the boat, a bunch of people with faces I recognize, but can’t place.

They say, “Sten! You’re here!!”, and handshakes and hugs. And I stay as an idiot, wondering, “I know this one, but where the hell was it?” Here in Socorro? Guadalupe, with the white sharks? Maldives? Palau? Malpelo? Cocos? It’s embarrassing…where the….was it?

And then things fall in to place! This time seeing the trip leader, Gabe, Sh** ! yes! This is gonna be fun! After a little time, we are talking updating what has happened since last time and memory comes back and things falls in to place.

It is really fun to meet again and see people coming back, especially with a trip leader like Gabe. He’s a very caring experienced trip leader, that gives us dive guides a lot of background information about divers needs, dreams, and wishes so we can start to work on trying to fulfill their dreams during the time they are our guests and hopefully we will see them coming back, which they often do here with Nautilus.

– Divemaster Sten “Vikingo” Johansson

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