Plongée avec un requin baleine

Plongée avec un requin baleine

C’est notre deuxieme jour de plongee et pourtant depuis le debut de notre sejour chaque plongee est plus belle que la precedente!

Roca partida…Nous tombons nez a nez avec un magnifique requin baleine. Il reste 5 min avec nous c’est magique majestueux, il n’y a pas de mots.

Et je ne parle pas des raies mantas geantes des raies mantas noires et du banc de requins Marteau, des dizaines de requins differents Galapagos, pointes blanches, requins soyeux. Que va t’il se passer les prochains jours.

– Cecile et Philippe de France

What does Socorro have in store?

We have set off from Cabo San Lucas and have had a full day’s sail as we prepare for the start of diving tomorrow. The sea is calm with gentle rolling waves as the wind is low.

Onboard there are guests from the U.S.A, U.K, Germany and the Netherlands. Our dive gear is set up and the guests are briefed and ready for tomorrow.

If the trip is anything like the last few, I don’t think these guys are ready for what’s in store for them. I really can’t wait to jump in at the Canyon tomorrow at San Benedicto and see what the island has to offer! I can only guess that Revillagigedo (Socorro) will blow us all out of the water yet again.

– Divemaster Martyn

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