Unbelieveable marine life, wahoo!

OMG Whale shark!

So for starters this is my first liveaboard trip & OMG!

On the last dive of the day we went under and the first thing I see is a Whale Shark! My dive master didn’t see it right away and went to look for hammers. I swam up to him and tried to tell him but couldn’t get my point across. Then all of the sudden everyone got a glimpse.

I was soooo ecstatic! It is the largest thing I have seen in the ocean ever!! I literally started crying from happiness & am about to start again just typing this!

– Elyssa Steward,
San Marcos, TX

Recipe for an epic dive trip

What can I say? Hammerheads, silkys, Galapagos, silvertip and whitetip sharks. That’s just for starters. Throw in some yellowfin tuna and a whale shark and you’ve got one epic dive trip.

Excellent food and incredibly helpful, friendly crew are the cherry on top!

– Jaymini Philp,
London, UK

Unbelievable marine life

What an amazing trip!!! These days were awesome in the Archipelago. The marine life that this place has to offer is unbelievable.

I am continuing my private guiding with my new best buddy and friend Jean. We had fun on tons of dives. Especially when the mantas and dolphins interacted with us today at Boiler. It was so good that she made the 4 dives. We had 5 dolphins in 2 dives just right in our face, and then the mantas gave us an exceptional show. They swam around us, looking at us. Wahoo, I got to say, WAHOOO!!

Vis was amazing, water was warm and of course the nice current that brings all the marine life. We had fun every second of the dives and Jean enjoyed it so much. I am glad I met her and I feel privileged to be her DM.

– Divemaster Luis Moreno

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