astonishing giant manta ray at roca partida

Thank you astonishing Roca Partida

DAY 2 – Visiting Roca Partida

Very successful trip. Spotted a ~25’ whale shark. He stayed with the group for quite a while. There were sharks swimming along side the whale shark making it even better. It was an astonishing dive.

The dive also included multiple schools of hammerhead along with Galapagos sharks. Mantas were also in the area and stayed near by. What an amazing day.

– Dan & Stacy Hughes Templeton, MA


Thank you Roca Partida

“The best dive of my life”, a guest said today after a day of diving at Roca Partida.

A baby whale shark swimming among our divers, Galapagos and silvertip sharks, 2 meter tunas hunting and hammerheads in the blue.

Thank you Roca for this wonderful day.

– Divemaster Ari

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