A Socorro dive trip needs Roca Partida!

A Socorro dive trip would not be complete without at least one day diving the famous Roca Partida. Although rough around the edges sometimes, the rock always proves to be beautifully unpredictable and visually stunning. Each new visit to Roca is uniquely individual.

Today the rock felt quiet, with almost zero current. But with some of the most spectacular visibility I’ve experienced here, there was something special about feeling truly exposed in such a pelagic marine environment.

Cruising around the rock, we found ourselves engulfed in humongous schools of cottonmouth jacks, stared down by passing black trevally, and blown away by gargantuan yellowfin tuna. White tip reef sharks patrolled along the walls while groups of large Galapagos sharks circled deeper.

As the afternoon light turned to golden hour, activity increased and we were treated to the impressive audible *WHOOSH* as the masses of fusiliers hurried all together away from larger predators. Divers from all around the world have enjoyed their introduction to Roca today, and we look forward to what the rock will bring tomorrow.

– Divemaster Maya

By Nautilus Crew

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