Nautilus dive guide is still surprised!

As a Nautilus Dive Guide new to Socorro, there are still surprises hidden up the sleeves of these incredible islands. Today, the Nautilus Explorer ventured around the point from Punta Tosca towards Roca O’Niel. A new dive site to me, but beneath the waves, it certainly did not disappoint.

Within minutes of descending onto the impressive rocky reef, we could hear excited clicks of dolphins nearby. From the blue, a group of about a dozen curious bottlenose dolphins swam straight towards us and buzzed around to pose for photos. Continuing along the wall, 30m+ visibility stretched out in front of us as we explored the swim-throughs and caverns, full of white tip reef sharks, with a few brief sightings of hammerhead and tiger sharks.

A couple of great dives out of the ordinary Socorro, followed by an exciting night snorkel with silky sharks right off the back deck made for another awesome day. Tonight we sail for Roca Partida…it may as well be Christmas Eve! 🙂

– Divemaster Maya

By Nautilus Crew

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