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  • Schooling hammerheads at Socorro. Photo by divemaster Jessie

    Hammerheads and Dolphins Delight at Socorro

    We saw mantas every day, we saw hammerhead sharks every day and we saw dolphins on 4 out of the 5 diving days!

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  • bottlenose dolphin is comfortably close with nautilus divers

    Nautilus dive guide is still surprised!

    As a Nautilus Dive Guide new to Socorro, there are still surprises hidden up the sleeves of these incredible islands. Today, the Nautilus Explorer ventured around the point from Punta Tosca towards Roca O’Niel.

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  • Captain’s Log – Roca Partida is kind of like the mega mall supermarket of diving – marine life comes from miles around to check it out!

    December 5 We arrived back to Socorro late last evening after two wonderful days out at Roca Partida. For those who have been to Roca Partida they understand the magic of the location. It’ kinda like the mega mall supermarket, marine life comes from miles around to check it out. Every dive is different even though the area of the dive site is small. Water temps were running a steady 26C although one dive on the second day we had some colder water upwelllings on the SW side that was a good 3 degree cooler. Lots of sharks this trip, with all the tick boxes checked. Hammerhead sharks of course are always a favorite and we had small groups to large schools and when you see them silhouetted against the blue back drop of the water going to the surface, that is priceless. December 6 Today is our last dive day for this trip, then it will be back into Cabo San Lucas. Yesterday we had the opportunity to dive at Roca Oneal a small rockpile/island off the NW corner of Socorro. The prevailing NW winds usually make it a little rough to try and dive  this location, but we…

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  • Guest Blog 4-07-09

    04.07.09 Kirk OK Sten It’s Blog time. To Start, I’ll say that this is without question the most elegant dive ship I have been aboard. The Vessel was obviously carefully designed and appointed.The crew all friendly and professional.The food tasty and well prepared. I’ll copy some notes from my log later. In Cabo 04.05.09 After dinner I went for a walk around the Yacht harbor. I found the Nautilus Explorer. She looked even better sitting at the dock than in the pics on the web site. I felt so lucky. I promised her I’d be back in the morning. Love at first sight. At the dive site ‘Boiler’ San Benedicto Island 04.08.09 The boiler is a Pinnacle with steep walls of very layered volcanic rock. An easy time to make a turn around it. My first Manta encounter ever. What graceful beings. Every time we turned a corner on the rock there was another. Really fantastic! Moving to Socorros tomorrow. Roca O’Neill Socorros Absolutely Awesome almost orgasmic. in spite of the nasty looking break. Going down a hole filled with white tipped sharks to emerge 50 ft lower finding varied topography and Galapagos sharks. and mantas waiting right on time.…

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