Happy Guests in the Sea of Cortez

What a fabulous day, what a great trip to date! Despite the change from our original departure point, we got to see some different sites on our way to La Paz, and our trip has not been a disappointment at all. The crew have gone beyond expectation to deliver a variety of safe diving sites. Each day so far has delivered spectacular scenery above and below the sea. The staff have kept us informed as to each day’s activities. Some sites had been unfamiliar to some of the crew so this made the diving exciting. Today was no exception: 2 fabulous dives, fabulous topography, rock walls, underwater canyons and twisted metal. Fish and Moray eels galore!! To end the day a presentation on what we should expect for the next few days and another wonderful meal.

– Guest Lynette Stewart, Australia


I have been to the Maldives three times but the Sea of Cortez is a much better trip and I love it. The three best dives I have ever done are last year at Socorro with mantas (and that is still to come on this trip), the cathedral at Las Palmas Gran Canary and the La Reina canyon this morning. The whole crew are great and are looking after us all so well. Both of the divemasters (Juan and Joel) are great and I am so happy diving with them.

– Maire Butler, England

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