Playful Sea Lions on Isla San Pedro Martir

Isla San Pedro Martir (what a nice island!); lots of birds and the rock formation is amazing. It seems as if someone placed a rock wall on the north side. We anchored on the north side just to get away from the wind and waves. As we arrived we heard the sea lions greeting us with their barking.

We started off our first dive sheltered from the current and waves. As we dropped in the young sea lions came and started to play with us. The big cameras started rolling and the divers were intently focused on the sea lions! It’s a beautiful wall, starting at 30ft and dropping to 150ft. The visibility was 80ft and the water temperature was 75-78˚F, so nice! At 90ft there was a forest of black coral, bright yellow, and looking around we saw a horn shark hiding in the coral! We also saw mobulas in the blue just gliding along in the current and a green turtle on the 3rd dive.

It is a must-do for everyone! Everyone was talking about coming back to do the dive it again, it was that good! There were caves at about 40-50ft and the young sea lions joined us to play with us inside the cave. When we finished our dive the sea lions came up beside the zodiac and started jumping around as if to say “Where are you all going, we want to play with you!” Now we are heading south Isla San Ildefonso, and we’ll keep you all posted.

– DM Juan  

By Nautilus Crew

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