UnderSea Guests Have an Amazing Trip

What an amazing experience! Ever since I was a child I dreamed of diving with great white sharks and this trip was everything I could have hoped for and more. The first two mornings I was the first one in the cage, and within 10 minutes the sharks appeared. A few of them even came within inches of the cage. They were so graceful as they glided through the water, then like hitting a light switch, they exploded with tremendous power towards the bait. At one point we had four great whites circling the cages. There was plenty of opportunity for capturing stunning photographs of such majestic apex predators! Or just sit back in the cage and enjoy the moment.

The crew aboard was also amazing. Everyone was so cheerful and there to help you with anything you needed or answer questions you may have. Let’s not forget to mention the food! Everything was cooked to perfection and plentiful. Oh, and the steak!!! Have you ever seen the John Candy movie where he tries to eat the home of the 96er? Well, that is how big the steak seemed. So, if you want 5-star experience, Nautilus Liveaboards is where it is. Thank you to the entire crew for providing such a memorable experience. I look forward to coming back in the near future!

–Brice M. Weaver, San Diego, CA

This trip with the Nautilus UnderSea has far exceeded our expectations! From the very beginning, the staff that handled the booking was wonderful. They were informative, friendly and incredibly helpful with payment plans. The hotel they have their complementary hospitality suite in was a wonderful place to relax while waiting to be picked up by the bus to Ensenada. The boat is beautiful. The food is fantastic. The crew was amazing!

We had 3 full days of shark activity. I really wasn’t expecting the activity to be as awesome as it was since it was the beginning of the season. I can’t say enough about the crew. Super friendly bunch of guys that help you out with anything and everything, and they’re cool to hang out with too. My husband wasn’t even interested in taking this trip, but he had the best time ever. I would recommend the Nautilus UnderSea or its sister family of ships for anyone interested in these types of trips. A++++

–Ken & Melissa Route

Words can’t do this justice. This has been the adventure of a lifetime. The captain and his crew are beyond amazing. The ship is wonderful, the chef is magnificent and the sharks are awesome. My only complaint is that the time went too fast. My sister enjoyed herself more than she could have ever expected. Once again many thanks to Captain Mantarey, Osa, Vincente, Julio, Fernando, Felipe, Rodolfo, Tony and Garret. You guys are extremely professional, gracious and friendly. It’s safe to say that I will be back.

–Mike & Debra DeMarino

This trip will not disappoint! The ship itself is comfortable and the crew is guest-centred. Day one was amazing, thanks to the support of the crew and our dive masters. They made sure to check on us and our comfort level. The visibility under the water was far-reaching and the sun on the surface warmed us up quickly. During day two all you could hear was “SHARK!” That was music to everyone’s ears as we all stopped and watched in awe of these creatures. Felipe, the chef, has been nothing but amazing with his way to prepare our meals and the variety offered. We are about to start day three with most of the divers up and ready at 6 am. This has been a wonderful trip and lifetime experience!

–Kristin Wetzel, Charlotte, NC

I took my teenage daughter on this trip and it honestly exceeded expectations on every level. The crew was great, the food was fantastic, and the cabins were very clean and comfortable. There was no shortage of great conversations with the other guests and plenty of opportunities to get to know everyone.

The cages and equipment are top of the line, so not once did I feel unsafe or in any danger. Then, of course, the sharks… wow! To me, it felt like being in our very own National Geographic documentary. 12-15ft sharks circling the cages and putting on a show as if on cue. As soon as you got out of the water, you couldn’t wait to get back in and it felt like there was always an available opportunity in between your scheduled dives. Nautilus does it right on every front… next up Socorro Island!

P.S. You don’t need to be a certified diver to have an amazing experience, some of the best action is right in front of the surface cages!

–T.J. Barker, Seattle, Washington

Wow! I really had no idea what to expect on this trip, but it was better than anything I could have possibly imagined. The crew was extremely kind, welcoming, and hospitable. My dad and I had so many opportunities to view the great white sharks, and whenever we were out of the cages (which was very rare), we were in the hot tub or talking and eating with the other passengers and crew. I would recommend this trip to anyone, and although it seems like something that would only interest adrenaline junkies, it is truly an epic, beautiful, and immersive experience that anyone would enjoy.

–Ashleigh Barker

This trip is an eye-opening experience! The ship itself is sturdy and comfortable, whether you’re on deck or in your cabin. The crew aboard is welcoming and makes you feel right at home from the start. The cooler water did it’s best to make us want to come up, however, it failed. Once we went down it was difficult to come up.

Day one left everyone wanting more and excited to return for day two. “SHARK!” was all that rang in our ears on day two! We all joked that instead of running out of the water, we were running in! We couldn’t put our gear on soon enough! The sharks were curious, and they came a little closer towards us. We saw up to five different sharks on day two and we were all pumped!

Felipe, the chef, did a wonderful job accommodating a difficult food allergy and the variety of food choices left mouth’s watering. Day three did not disappoint! Up early and in the cages by 6 am we quickly saw action from 4 sharks! As we submersed the sharks became clearer and more numerous.

Surface action was amazing and we were able to get multiple breach shots of sharks as the day progressed. This trip was a wonderful experience to see these creatures in their natural habit. I am glad that as the trip went on, we as guests and crew, became close and made some great friendships for our journey in life. The crew of the Nautilus UnderSea (Mantarey, Vicente, Julio, Fernando, Felipe, Osayuki) were absolutely wonderful! The divemaster crew (Rodolfo. Tony, Garrett) were knowledgeable and trusting! I would highly recommend this trip! The Nautilus experience is beyond fantastic!

–Laura Munson, Sarasota, FL

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