A Trip of Epic Proportions

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At age 11, living in Guam, I saw a documentary at the movie theatre “Blue Water, White Death.” It was an amazing story about the search for great white sharks. This trip with Nautilus Liveaboards has allowed me to live the documentary by diving with great white sharks! They are amazing creatures. The crew of the boat has been above amazing with their hospitality! This is a VIP-style trip that cannot be beat! Amazing, Wow, OMG is how I sum up the experience!

–Chris Glaeser

What an amazing experience! Every day was more interesting than the previous. The staff was so helpful and informative with their presentations and local knowledge. The great white sharks were numerous and active. It was difficult to keep track of all the sharks in the water around the ship at one time! One would drift by and another would come up from the deep blue below us and leap from the water…very exciting days. Thanks to the great staff for taking care of us on board!

–Randy Rae, Vancouver, Canada

This trip has been on the bucket list for a while and didn’t disappoint. Preferably I wanted to go in November to see the “big mama’s” but there turned out to be a lot of huge sharks on this trip! The top deck was amazing to watch all the action below and lounge out when taking a break. Straight out of the cages into the hot tub, that was the routine and it was awesome! The food was tasty and the crab apple ice cream was not to be missed. I definitely recommend this tour to any and all!

–Tucker Chornomud, Saskatoon, Canada

Holaaa, muy buen viaje sobretodo por la tripulacion que hacen que sea una experiencia unica, agradezco su esfuerzo por hacerte sentir confortable y relajado, aunque relajado es lo ultimo que deseo jejeje. Gracias a todos por esta experiencia y a esta compania que hace que estos viajes sean posibles.

–Rodrigo Scheel

How do you possibly articulate how special it is to finally check off the number one thing on your bucket list? Cage diving with great whites in Guadalupe on the Nautilus Belle Amie greatly exceeded all of my expectations. The great whites did not disappoint. The moment I saw my first great white pass by my cage a smile spread across my face, tears filled my eyes, and a calm came over me. I was in absolute awe of the power, speed, strength, and undeniable grace of these beautiful animals. We had to have seen eight or more great whites during our time there. They were absolutely mesmerizing.

The captain and crew were nothing short of incredible. The service and food was impeccable, and I laughed so hard so many times that my cheeks hurt. I went on this trip alone, but I quickly gained friends and a family. I will forever be grateful to share in this once in a lifetime experience with such beautiful animals and wonderful humans. Thank you Nautilus for making my dream of meeting the great white become a reality. I promise I’ll be back for more!

–Jackie aka “Yacky”

Intimidating, not at all! Scary, not at all! Fantastic once in a lifetime experience with the best crew a nervous diver could have, YES!

–Cat, Houston, Texas

My Dad has always been an avid diver and convinced me to come along on this bucket list trip to see white sharks up close and personal. I’m certainly glad I made it on this adventure. After not diving for some years, I felt very comfortable and at ease in the cage along with the other guests, and it was exciting to experience it all with my father, as well.

The food was fantastic, the crew incredibly accommodating, friendly, and knowledgeable, and the boat has every amenity you’d need for a few days at sea. Overall it was one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life, and I’m looking forward to doing it again someday. Thank you!

–Justin Cafiero, Oceanside, California

Increible experiencia! Una forma de conocer realmente a este espectacular animal! Tras haber buceado con el gran blanco en diferentes sitios, sin duda alguna, me quedo con Isla Guadalupe. Totalmente recomendable.

–Pau, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España

Amazing day diving with the great whites here at Guadalupe Island!! Great crew and food as well!

–Scott, Park City, Utah

This trip has been one of epic proportions on a variety of levels. The food has been plentiful and unbelievably delicious at every meal and snack time, even down to the lemongrass or hibiscus iced tea in the afternoons for refreshing rehydration.

Each of the days I have gone on 4-5 dives, each time staying down for longer than last time due to the addictive nature of looking out for sharks in the stunning, periwinkle blue water with 150ft visibility. It seems that each time you decide to get out of the water, some amazing surface action happens right by the cage at the surface. You don’t see one, and then a moment later, they’re right there!

The sharks have been 10-14ft in length this trip, which looks pretty incredible when they’re only about 3 feet from you outside of the cage. They are the most beautiful majestic creatures; I find myself wanting to wave at them each time they swim by. The crew has also been the most friendly, helpful, and professional of any trip I have ever been on. This is definitely a trip of a lifetime.

–Guest onboard the Nautilus UnderSea, July 27, 2018


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