A Spectacular Shark Show at Guadalupe Island

Wow… The second trip of the season and Guadalupe Island has been great! Many great white sharks every day of diving. It’s great when every guest leaves with an awesome story to tell about the great white sharks. Only two trips in and I can’t wait for the rest of the season! It is so nice to see them underwater again and I am so glad to work for this company.

–DM Hector, the Nautilus Belle Amie

We just arrived at Guadalupe on calm seas with a beautiful sunset. The cages are in the water and we have a very excited group of guests from all over the world ready and waiting to get in them tomorrow. Hailing from Mexico, U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Germany, Croatia, Argentina and France! I think we are in for an incredible trip with plenty of banter and good times out of the water too. Can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

–DM Martyn, the Nautilus Belle Amie

What an AMAZING trip. Once again we have a wonderful group of guests aboard the Nautilus UnderSea, all eager to get in the water with the magnificent great white sharks. The first day of diving was a bit gloomy but other than that the weather and sea conditions were perfect for cage diving. Every day we got fantastic shark action but on the last day especially, everyone was able to witness a spectacular shark show from above and below the water. With as many as seven sharks swimming around the cages, this experience will not be forgotten. Looking forward to the next trip!

–DM Tony, the Nautilus UnderSea

What a nice welcome the great whites gave us today! It was an amazing first day. Early in the morning, the divemaster’s were setting up the deck, getting it ready for our guests. The boat looks great after the refit with our new giant, spacious, enormous dive deck!

It is nice to see some familiar faces from last year, and guests from close to my hometown are also visiting the beautiful Guadalupe Island. I’ve got to say, they had fun! Once the first diver got in the water: BOOM! The first shark swimming fast, then everybody wanted to jump in the cages. The wranglers did a great job all day, making a nice show for our lovely guests. About 5 to 6 sharks visited us today, with one small female very curious, swimming fast around cages, and the other ones swimming and trying to get the bait. What a day!! Let’s see what they have in store for us tomorrow…

–DM Luis, the Nautilus Explorer

It feels great to be back at Guadalupe on the first trip of the season right after some amazing improvements on board. For those have been on the Explorer before, now the boat is on the next level with a super comfortable huge dive deck that makes the boat 15ft longer!

Only Nautilus is in Guadalupe right now so all the sharks are just for us! There are many juvenile males who are giving a great show at all times with strikes and speed on the bait. We clearly identified three individuals: Silent Hunter, Kenric and Marie Taylor.

–DM Mirko, the Nautilus Explorer

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