The Sharks Put On a Show at Guadalupe

I decided to write a comment, which is not something that I usually do. From start to finish every individual associated with Shark Diver and Nautilus made the trip a great vacation and one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Having travelled extensively to Europe, South America, and Asia, I honestly thought that I would be hard to impress but they did.

Attention to every detail of the guest experience is an understatement. If you need anything, they will make it happen. Additionally, we had the fortune to have Nicole Naisby from Marine CSI as our resident shark expert and marine biologist, who was able to share her vast shark knowledge with us.

The three most outstanding crew members were Tony, Rodolfo, and Osa. This team of three work in unison to ensure that you will leave relaxed and still in awe of your up-close great white experience. I will be back and I will hope to get the same crew if possible. I don’t want to forget Felipe who promises great meals from a crazy small kitchen on bumpy seas. You will hit your pillow each night feeling like a little kid who is in awe and can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures.


–Dale Makineni, Vancouver, Washington 

I just had to take the time out to write a comment about my trip! From start to finish it ran like a well-organized operation. Meeting Cindy from Shark Diver in San Diego finally put a face to the name. She is just as friendly and helpful in person as on the phone. We were greeted by Tony and Martin at the hotel and they rode down on the bus with us. They were friendly and knowledgeable. They got us really excited about the trip. The bus ride down was comfortable. When we reached the boat, the entire staff was waiting with smiles and made us feel welcome.

The dive masters, Tony and Rodolfo, were awesome. They were friendly and kept it fun even when we were not able to dive due to weather conditions on the last day. The chef, Felipe, made every meal delicious and made you eagerly await the next meal. Regardless of the heat in the kitchen or the rocking of the boat, he always had a smile on his face.

Osa, the host, was always there with a smile and made sure every need was met. He wouldn’t let you lift a finger! The entire staff was there to make this the best experience. I would highly recommend this trip or any trip with this crew running the ship. They were amazing!

–Leine Makineni, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 

Gracias por haber hecho mi gran sueño realidad! No tengo palabras para expresar lo magico que ha sido este viaje! La tripulacion nos ha tratado como autenticos reyes!! Y la estancia en el barco ha sido de lujo!

Mil gracias a Ari por siempre estar ahi para ayudarme a salir de la jaula con su gran sonrisa, a Emilio por sus conversaciones sobre Canarias y ser el mas divertido, a Mirko por nunca parar y esta siempre al pie del canon! Es un CRAK, me dio siempre mucha seguridad en jaulas! A Pato por ser tan bueno con el lance de la carnada y estar siempre atento con nosotros, a las chicas Favi y Dulce, son un encanto! Siempre atentas y con una gran sonrisa en todo momento! Super agradecida por esta gran experiencia con un grupo genial y super divertido!

Jamas olvidare la imagen del Capitan en la jaula, saltando y gritando “SHARKS!!” MIL MIL GRACIAS a todos! Me habeis hecho muy feliz!! El toque final de los delfines y los leones marinos y la puesta de sol, no tengo palabras… AMAZING!!

–Regina, Las Islas Canarias

This trip has been our dream come true! Planning took ages and having the time to make it has been difficult, but it has paid off big time.

The first day was awesome, with sharks showing up very early in the morning. On the second day we were hit by a tropical storm (go figure!), nevertheless the crew kept the spirit going and we started to see sharks early mid-day.

The third day started really slow with the first two dives in the submersibles cages without sharks, and I started to think the best had passed…only to find out after lunch that the best was yet to come! We had a show of six or seven sharks at the same time from one in the afternoon until 6 pm when the cages closed (one hour later than normal!).

The crew has been phenomenal, with the divemasters headed by Luis doing an amazing job. Mirko, Pato, Ari and Julio were all great. Food has been fantastic with Lauro on top of the kitchen and Fabi and Dulce taking care of guests like you would not imagine. This is a trip that every shark fanatic should not miss, and best of all, you will feel right at home with Nautilus!

–Mario, Mexico City


📷 By Martin Graf of Shark Diver

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