Stephanie’s Shark Adventure

We love it when our guests write full accounts of their Guadalupe diving adventure, so we couldn’t wait to share Stephanie’s with you! Enjoy and dive safe.

Yesterday was the first day of diving and the excitement was palpable amongst the crew and passengers. The sea state as we headed out to Guadalupe Island was a bit rough, and many weren’t feeling well, so the calm waters at anchor were a relief.

The crew must be mentioned here because they were so attentive and helpful during the crossing to ensure everyone was getting what they needed. Vicente and Julio, our Captain and 1st mate, have done an amazing job of keeping us informed of our progress, as the currents were exceptionally strong and extended our trip out to the island. Fernando, our engineer, has been on top of every engineering (and more) issue….including a mysterious odour in our room!

Felipe, our chef, does amazing things in a boat kitchen! He has made gluten-free options that rival what one can find onshore and his salsas…smoking hot and oh so tasty! I wonder if he’ll let me bring some home with me… Rodolfo & Tony, our divemasters, have provided us with background information about the island and ensured we were all prepared to dive… safety first (with a sense of humour)! Osa, our host, runs a tight ship (pun intended) that is always clean and comfortable. He is on top of everyone’s food and beverage preferences, and always has a smile for you.

As I sit here reflecting on Day 1 of diving, I’ve come to the realization that this is definitely my Christmas in August… and this year my Santa Claus has rows of sharp teeth! The dive schedule is well planned and there are plenty of open spaces so one can stay in the cage.

The weather is gorgeous, the water a beautiful shade of bright blue, the geology of the island impressive (faults and rotated blocks), and the water warm. We spent time in each of the cages, which afford different views.

There were seven total sharks who visited us yesterday, including three males that stayed around all day. They all attempted to get a tuna snack, but only a few succeeded. The most memorable one, for me, came at the end of the day in the starboard cage. A male, who turned out to be Paul Walker, lunged for the bait but missed and got the line instead. Confused as it flossed his teeth, he proceeded toward my cage with the line in his mouth and zigged where he should have zagged, coming between my cage and the boat! That was a surprise for both of us and he very quickly wriggled free and swam away as the line snapped. Two things: sharks have blue irises and unique personalities! I saw him go from stealthy, to victorious, to confused, to scared, and, finally, to relieved. What an amazing ending to the first day of shark diving!

Dive Day 2 dawned with rough seas and reduced visibility in the water. It made for added suspense when all of a sudden a shark appears of nowhere smiling at you! There were seven total sharks again today, with only Paul Walker and the new female as repeat visitors. We even had Thor stop by for a visit! Later in the day, we got to see multiple breaches by a couple of different sharks. The day ended with yet another amazing meal and music movie trivia.

–Stephanie McKenna, Seattle, WA

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