Charlie’s Shark Wrangling and More at Guadalupe

This was my first trip as a full-fledged crew member with Nautilus Liveaboards and it was such an amazing experience.  I’ve been on and off the boats all my life and remember driving a skiff in Alaska when I was just 4 years old, and diving with great white sharks when I was 5. I love wrangling the great white sharks!

On the first day, we had several sharks swimming around and jumping for the tuna. There was a big female shark that kept circling around and going for the bait but, using my wrangling skills, she never managed to get it. The next day, even more sharks appeared and a lot of guests got really cool pictures and videos of them. In the first ten minutes of wrangling on the last day, a juvenile shark came out of nowhere and did a full breach two times!! Later that day there were five sharks swimming on the surface right beside the cages. Because of the amazing guests, the great crew and the incredible sharks, this was such a great trip and I can’t wait for my next one with Nautilus.

–Charlie Lever, 15 years old, the Nautilus Belle Amie

What a trip! We had over 10 different sharks around the boat today. We saw five individuals together and some groups saw six! Mostly large males and a couple of mid-sized pregnant females. Hopefully, we will see them and their offspring on a trip in the future.

Fantastic guests with five (yes, FIVE!) birthdays this trip. Guests Sarah, Jennifer and Preston all celebrated their birthdays on board as well as our Captain, Beto, and Damian one of our divemasters. Happy Birthday to everyone!

–DM Martyn, the Nautilus Belle Amie

What an amazing trip. Returning to Nautilus and Guadalupe for my second season was the best decision so far. After a lazy 8 months in Belize, I got sucked right into the fast-paced action of Guadalupe Great White Shark Diving with Nautilus Liveaboards. The chilly water was no deterrent as we went down in the cages over and over again to witness our finned friends cruising by in their natural habitat.

We had a wonderful group of guests from different parts of the world but in the cages, we are all the same with an unlimited passion and admiration for Guadalupe great whites. Post dive activities were also very interactive with Shark ID, Chase the Ace (a fundraising game to support shark conservation), socializing in general, and singing “Happy Birthday” almost every day. What I love the most is the selection of professional crew on board. We meshed like finely tuned gears and achieved every objective set. I’m looking forward to a wonderful season on board.

–DM Aldo, the Nautilus Belle Amie

Leaving from Ensenada to Guadalupe Island, we were expecting a rough sea due to the storm John, but fortunately, it was not too bad and we arrived at the protected bay on the north side of Guadalupe Island on time. The next day our surface cages were open at 6:30 am for our excited guests, and as soon as we put our bait in the water a great white surfaced, trying to get it. Then at 8:00 am our submersible cages started to go down, and sharks were swimming around them, making our guest move from one side of the cage to the other side as they tracked them.

We saw several sharks, including “Sadface,” one of the big males. He is very inquisitive and goes after bait a lot, allowing the wranglers opportunities to get the shark to jump out of the water so spectacularly.

The water temperature is 21˚C, the slight increase in water temperature probably due to the surge produced by “John” from the south. Visibility was 40ft, but as the time passed it improved to 80 – 90ft.

–DM Pedro, the Nautilus Belle Amie  

El viaje ha sido algo increible dede el pimer dia hasta el ultimo con mucha accion tanto dentro como fuera del agua y desde el primer hasta el ultimo de los clientes ha podido disfrutar de tres dias expectacluares. Espero que todo los dias puedan ser como estos.

Muchas gracias Gaudalupe por todo lo que nos das!

–DM Damian, the Nautilus Belle Amie

Today I saw two full shark breaches!! And I am not talking about a shark going for the bait and exposing 2/3rds of its body, I am talking about a shark that jumped out of the water at least a meter up for no reason (no bait was close)!
It was very good today, lots of males around, including some new ones I haven’t seen on previous trips of this season like “Joker.

–DM Mirko, the Nautilus Explorer 

One of the things I love about my job is that the whole crew works as a team, an elite team focused on just one thing: that every single one of our guest gets the ultimate experience. We want to transmit our passion for nature and wilderness. No matter who you are or how old you are, we just want to go above and beyond, providing an excellent service. We want moments that are embedded forever in our guest memories. And the whole crew makes it happen!

–DM Pato, the Nautilus Explorer  

Once again Guadalupe Island rocks!! The rockstars are the sharks and the guests; we have some teenagers and they are love with it! Some of them are so excited that they don’t even leave the cage! It’s nice to see repeat guest like Mr.Emry, he is a really nice guy and very funny.

The sharks are putting on a show. We had two breaches and some of the guests saw it. They almost couldn’t believe it because they have only ever seen it on TV, but now they saw it in real life! A shark named “Luca Arnone” showed up and he was really going for the bait, it amazing show that “Luca” gave us, and the guests are so happy to be here!

–DM Luis, the Nautilus Explorer


📷 By Rita Montiero of the shark “Persephone”

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