Marine CSI Helps to Identify 16 Great White Sharks in One Trip!

We had a really good day today. The weather was excellent, with a dead calm sea. It was like a mirror and sunny, with crystal clear water. We could easily see the anchor chain on the Nautilus UnderSea, which is a 110ft boat, and the sharks behind the chain, so we easily had 120ft+ visibility.

On board we have Martin Graf from Shark Diver who has close to 20 years experience with the great whites and Research Biologist Nicole Naisby Lucas from the Marine Conservation Science Institute. Nicole is responsible for creating the identification book of 261 identified white sharks at Guadalupe Island, and today we had a couple of new sharks to add! It is great to have her on board and it is very interesting for me personally to learn more as well, both from her studies and from the presentations that she gives in the evenings. With help of Nicole, Martin, and our guests, we managed to identify 16 different sharks! That is a lot!

It was a little bit “slow” with just 2-3 sharks in the early morning but throughout the day they came from all different directions! There is plenty space and open slots in the cages, so guests can stay in the water pretty much uninterrupted from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm if they want to!

Tomorrow is a new day, so lets see what it brings! Now it is time to get some sleep and get up early tomorrow.

–DM Sten, the Nautilus UnderSea


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